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The modern Finder uses macOS graphics APIs to display previews of a range of files, such as images, applications and PDF files. The Quick Look feature allows users to quickly examine documents and images in more detail from the finder by pressing the space bar Operating system: Classic Mac OS, macOS, GS/OS. Bone and Joint Health. Sports Nutrition. Customized Solutions. Search for Agilent LC & LC/MS Application Notes and Technical Overviews using our new Application Finder! Narrow down your search by applying and combining filters for separation and detection system, stationary phase, market and analyte. Select the publication, get .

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Joining different material components by means of ultrasonic riveting. Simultaneous forming of two rivet heads. Reliable joining of metal with plastic through ultrasonic riveting with differential parts scanning. Low-vibration and secure joining of electronic components through ultrasonic riveting, application finder. Tight welding of injection-moulded parts without additional sealing elements with continuous process monitoring.

Securing the metal drive plate in an adjustable and low-particle manner onto a plastic disc data carrier. Ultrasonic embedding of the metal SonicLok threaded bolt inserts into a plastic housing in a durable and low-tension manner, application finder. Simultaneous ultrasonic embedding of four threaded bushes into a POM cover flange so they cannot be extracted.

Ultrasonic joining of a two-part injection-moulded dosing cap with a curved surface in a liquid-tight manner without markings. Reliable welding of the two-part outlet chamber in a liquid-tight manner, application finder. Joining other applications on the same installation without long retooling times. Liquid-tight joining of injection-moulded halves of an adapter, without loose particles if possible.

The visible joining seam must not be visible through the transparent plastic, application finder. Tight torsional ultrasonic sealing of a thin-walled, delicate blow-moulded part from the medical sector application finder a film without damage. Securely sealing the openings on components for medical technology with a application finder made of non-woven material without damage.

Tightly welding the two-part damper housing made of semi-crystalline POM. The joining zone is formed as a pinched-off seam, application finder. TCS5 process controller with convenient touch screen.

Removing the filter rounds with ultrasonics and simultaneously sealing the edge zone without fraying. The housing is hermetically and permanently welded after inserting the rounds, application finder.

High torsional strengths and stabilities can be achieved because of the ultrasonic embedding of metal thread application finder. All inserts are embedded in one process step. Torsionally removing the filter net round from the base material in application finder process step with ultrasonics and welding to the cap without damage. Integrating the process into an automatic production installation.

Securing insulation to a plastic cover at several points using ultrasonics. The process is carried out in a special plant with integrated IPA actuator units, application finder. Despite the absence of a specific connection seam, an ideal connection is achieved by means of ultrasonic spot welding of two flat components. Protecting the opening in an electronic component against the ingress of dust with a fleece filter. Economical manufacturing of square filters with sealed edge zone and pointed corners with ultrasonics.

Cutting out antiseptic dressings with additional functions from the base material with ultrasonics and sealing the edge zone against fraying at the same time. Softly sealing the edge zone of breathing masks with ultrasonics for high wear comfort. Additional insertion of high-strength strap openings.

The production of face masks requires various separation and joining tasks which can be carried out perfectly with ultrasonics. Covering soft plastic foam rings for headphones with synthetic leather. All the required work processes should be carried out as far as possible in one setting.

Compresses with various edge application finder. Complete manufacturing of the compresses with ultrasonics in one process step. Removing the shapes and welding the edge zone at the same time.

Securing electrical conductor tracks with zero backlash at several positions through ultrasonic riveting and individual path limitation. Application finder the silicone ball in the plastic part in a reliable, particle-free and tight manner. Fully automatic manufacturing with process and quality monitoring. Torsional welding of membranes for temperature, pressure and humidity compensation onto a ventilation opening in an aesthetic and tight manner with minimal particle flight.

Joining injection-moulded plastic parts with a three-dimensional surface with stud welding. Torsional ultrasonic welding of PTFE membranes into the ventilation opening of a housing in a tight, particle-free manner without application finder. Ultrasonic far-field welding of the cylindrical, stepped plastic inlet with amorphous structure to the swirl chamber without sealing elements.

Tight welding of a memory chip into a two-part polyamide housing with high amplitude requirement. Using a sonotrode made of high-strength titanium alloy. Ultrasonic welding of sensor supports into painted, thin-walled bumpers without spoiling the appearance of the visible side. Tight welding of a panel with a curved surface onto a plastic housing with LEDs without damage with a carefully designed joining seam.

Accurate ultrasonic welding of the two housing halves of an electronics coupler into the right position. Integrating application finder ultrasonic joining process into the automatic production line, application finder.

Monitoring the welding quality and recording the process parameters. Ultrasonic welding of a nipple with attached springs in a tight manner and without damage to an injection-moulded automotive part made of PA6. Welding a large inspection window into the cover of an electricity meter without any markings and in a precisely parallel position.

Tight torsional ultrasonic sealing of the compensation opening of a housing part with a delicate membrane without resulting in a "membrane effect". Tightly sealing a pressure equalising port with a filter membrane. Torsional welding of membranes pre-punched with vacuum technology without damage.

Punching the switch foil out of the base material and welding it in a watertight manner into a housing at the same time. Quality assurance by monitoring the parameters and recording the process data. Welding a sensor with sensitive electronics into the housing. The electronics components are not damaged due to the correct joining seam design and the frequency selection.

Application finder securing the electronics circuit board to the connector assembly with ultrasonics without damage. Spring-loaded rivet unit for small-diameter rivet shafts. Hermetic welding of an end cap after filling the application finder. Thanks to ultrasonics, no adhesives or solvents are required for joining.

Tightly welding a membrane into a medical part. The film remains smooth and undamaged. Tight and particle-free welding of a previously mechanically punched-out membrane into a medical plastic component without damage.

Despite the absence of a specific joining seam, thin, application finder, flat and flexible knitted material can be reliably connected by ultrasonic spot welding application finder any problems. Application finder and economical compacting of the end of electrical cable sets in various configurations. Quality control integrated in the production process. Quick conversion of the production installations with the same quality. Welding the strand end nodes for the board assembly wiring harness.

Handling, accessibility, application finder, KSK compatibility and quality control are important prerequisites, application finder.

Welding an aluminium cable to a two-part terminal after both contact parts made from different metals have been welded and tightly overmoulded with plastic. Permanently application finder an Al current application finder running through the body with a mm2 Al cable with the lowest possible loss of current conduction. Welding an Al cable with 60 mm2 cross-section onto a nickel-plated, application finder, angled Cu terminal.

The weld itself should be as narrow as possible. Application finder an insulated Al current conductor with current taps in any position in a fully automatic and secure manner, application finder.

Expensive partial insulation before making the contact should be avoided, application finder. Electrical welding with ultrasonics of a mixture of Cu and Al strands in various configurations with as little application finder resistance as possible.

Welding a flat cable onto the PCB layer of a ceramic component without damaging the ceramic and peeling off the PCB layer. Welding an aluminium cable with a cross section of mm 2 to a nickel-plated copper terminal. The weld should be as narrow as possible for design reasons. Electrically connecting and compacting the rectangular cable bundle with individually enamelled wires at the end in a quick and secure manner.

Securely welding enamelled Cu wires together onto a Cu terminal without removing the enamel first. The enamel residues must not affect electrical conductivity, application finder. Welding a Cu high-voltage cable with a cross-section of 70 mm2 onto a Cu contact, application finder. Maximum welding width 15 mm. Tension and shear loads must reach the specified values. Welding two fine strands with 2 x 50 mm 2 cross-section total mm 2 on a silver-plated Cu terminal.

Significant reduction of the welding width of 30 mm as a result of the smaller application finder space. Electrically connecting terminals for battery contact with Al cables with a application finder mm2 cross-section in application finder reliable manner. Simple adaptation of the welding system to various cable sizes. Electrically connecting MAS terminals for high-current applications in application finder construction with Cu cables in a reliable and conductive manner.

Simple adaptation of the welding system to the different product variants. Reliably compacting the end of a high-flex cable with 35 mm2 cross-section. Welding further cross-sections as well as cable types as end or intermediate nodes. Securely welding an Al cable with 85 application finder 2 cross-section in a nickel-plated Cu tubular cable lug with a wall thickness of 0.


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