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Jun 14,  · Download Chamelephon Change the IMEI on your Android device. Chamelephon is an app that lets you change the IMEI of your Android device quickly and easily. To change the IMEI, all you need is a rooted device and a few seconds to complete the process. It's fast, simple, and convenient/5(5). Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices. Feb 16,  · I have run out of space in device and sd storage so i was looking for what files i can delete and i stumbled upon an application or file in my phone i didnt know what it was. So i looked it up. Chameleon. What i found is somewhat confusing to me. I am not a techie. But if i understood anything i believe i was informed that Chameleon is spyware.

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As Android engineers at CloudMade we chameleon android been working on day and night themes for our application. We wanted to change the theme in our application without the activity re-creation. Read more here in our Android application.

Here we have the simple activity layout:. We wanted to be able to change the text color here when the theme is changed. We were looking for a more elegant solution, chameleon android.

We wanted to chameleon android able to change the color or any other resource from the xml layout without the need to switch to Activity or Fragment and look for the place chameleon android mapping from theme to resource and changing view property does actually occur.

We needed to go to styles xml and look for helloWorldTextColor and find out the color per every theme by hand. So, we created an approach which satisfies all our needs. Introducing Chameleon!

Chameleon allows resources to be changed when the theme is changed. After adding Chameleon, our xml layout looks like:. The only changes that were made are:. Add to build. In the created Android library module chameleonwrapper you should create resources which depend on the theme. Currently supported resources are colors and drawables. These resources should be provided with theme suffixes. For the drawables we should do a similar thing. After that create any class in this chameleonwrapper module and annotate it with ChameleonThemes annotation.

This annotation accepts two parameters. The first one is an array of theme suffixes and the second one is an array of numbers of themes in the same group. Examples of theme suffixes of the same theme group could be:. So, if your app supports day and night themes, the parameters of the ChameleonThemes annotation should be:.

If your app supports themes of different theme groups, for example, day and night, and winter, spring, chameleon android, summer and autumn, chameleon android, the parameters of the ChameleonThemes annotation should be:, chameleon android. The first one has two theme suffixes passed to the suffixes parameter and the second one has the next four theme suffixes.

Theme suffixes passed to the suffixes parameter should go in order of groups. The size of the array passed to the suffixes parameter should match the sum of all the elements passed to the amount parameter. After building the project, several files will be generated. The first one is enum ChameleonThemewhich is generated from theme suffixes passed to the ChameleonThemes annotation.

The other generated files will be two classes which are responsible for changing resources that are theme dependent: ThemeColorProvider for colors and ThemeDrawableProvider for drawables. They have methods that return ObservableInt that emits the ID chameleon android the resource which corresponds to the current app theme:, chameleon android.

What is the reason for chameleon android a separate Android library module, chameleon android, providing all the resources that can be changed when the theme is changed there, chameleon android, annotating the class with ChameleonThemes annotation there and declaring Chameleon in the build. So if Chameleon is included in the app build. Data Binding cannot find ThemeDrawableProvider class. After moving all manipulations with Chameleon to the separate Android library module, declaring Chameleon in this module and adding this module as a dependency to app module, chameleon android, build will succeed, because the Chameleon annotation processor will run before the Data Binding classes generation.

After creating the separate Android library module chameleonwrapper and annotating here any class with the ChameleonThemes annotation, the annotation processor will get parameters passed to this annotation for ChameleonThemeThemeColorProvider and ThemeDrawableProvider classes generation. After that the annotation processor will find the generated R class in the chameleonwrapper Android library module:. Annotation processor will iterate through R class and extract internal classes from it: R.

From chameleon android inner classes the annotation processors will get field names which contain theme suffixes provided with ChameleonThemes annotation.

For ThemeColorProvider generation from R. Chameleon android for ThemeDrawableProvider from R. Groups will chameleon android created from these fields. From R. From these groups methods will be generated. ObservableInt has an overridden method ObservableInt get.

If you would like to set theme dependent view attributes from code, you can easily do this:. Every method in ThemeColorProvider and ThemeDrawableProvider that returns Chameleon android has javadoc that describes what chameleon android will be emitted for every theme:. Using Chameleon you can easily change themes in your Android application in runtime without activity recreation, without leaving the xml layout and without chameleon android the problems of default Android themes.

Moreover, you can create custom binding adapters which will allow you to change themes in application with beautiful animations.

You can find the source code and sample application of Chameleon here. Thank you for reading our story. Sign in, chameleon android.

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