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Unable to activate a CS3 or Acrobat 8 application? Keep getting an activation alert, such as "Activation - No Connection" or "Internet Connection Not Detected"? Find out how to get a replacement serial number and installer, or take advantage of an upgrade offer. May 07,  · The code is , I have ma-a-a-a-a-ny more codes so subscribe to be on the hot side! U don't have to tho' Catch ya! Rossey 그 창에서 Phone Activation라는 버튼을 찾아 클릭해주세요 (저 같은 경우엔 오류창에서 계속 next를 눌렀더니 나왔어요) *추가 - 프로그램이 열리자마자 시리얼키 입력하라는 창이 뜨면 키젠프로그램에서. Generate serial이라는 버튼을 누르면 시리얼 번호가 생성이 되요.

Activation or connection error when starting CS3 or Acrobat 8

Sorry, but that's useless. You illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen not provided any adequate system information, no exact product info nor any details like specific errors and warnings. I've got the serial number and the activation number, but I'm not able to get the authorisation code. No error messages, just that online activation is no longer provided by Adobe for this product version nor is there any valid telephone number which gives support for CS3 Suite.

Adobe always redirects you to the user forum and the automatic phone support tells you that this version is no longer supported! Gunter, you and I are having the same problem. Have you had any luck, yet? I even found my original installation CD, illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen.

I will call the Adobe support line as soon as I have a moment to spare. Have you had any luck with them? The Chat representative provided no help other than the number. The installation disk may not be of any use, either, since the issue is not installation, but activation. No help at all but I too am having the same problem. I was getting 'licencing has stopped working' message. I tried a complete uninstall and reinstall but it made no difference - same message.

I worked through pages of potential fixes for the problem on the Adobe support site and eventually completely uninstalled CS3 again and tried a reinstallation. Unfortunately, it now will not even work from set up exe, illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen.

No message or anything. All a bit frustrating - I appreciate this is an old program but it was very expensive and we need to use it from time to time. I am having this same issue after the Windows 8. My CS3 is running fine right now but the message I get every time I turn it on is "This is a temporary activation - this program will shut down in 5 days if not reactivated" I'm at day 5 today.

I went through the whole nightmare phone method and kept getting " your activation code is too short " after entering it. This "code" was generated and texted to me by Adobe when I started this whole procedure on Sunday. Went to the on-line Chat support I asked repeatedly "do you understand CS3 is currently working - and has done so for 2 years on my Windows 8 machine? BUT you cant find a way to fix the "code is too short " problem.

I was told. They stand to make a lot of money from this action. There seems to be no place for help as Adobe will not provide a phone number, nor does on-line activation work. I have all my original disks, serial numbers and activation numbers, but nothing works. I have the same issue.

May have to look into hacker tools to be able to use my legal purchased copy of Photoshop CS3. Exactly the same problem here. Windows 7, illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen. SSD crashed and was replaced under warranty. No way to inactivate. Have spent more than an hour trying to contact Adobe. Illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen chat, I was directed to go to this forum. Obviously, the question isn't answered on the forum, and there is no help in sight.

I reported a bug and will probably not get a response. Maybe Mr. Mylenium has an answer, or maybe he is the sort that just asks for more information, but is otherwise clueless for solving the problem.

Edit: Perhaps most telling is the fact that 6 months after this problem was raised, it has not been addresses by Adobe or anyone else.

I am interested in what others have done for photo-editing. Hard drive failure, replaced under warranty - attempt to reinstall software on new machine is met with activation nightmare, illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen, in which one goes round and round through futile exercises only to end up being directed to a forum where others are also occupying the same circle of activation hell I have the legitimate software and codes and yet Adobe clearly couldn't give a monkey's about a common issue.

Google Groups. I am having the same issue. Other MVP's basically told me "good luck" this is wrong. We need this addressed. You do not have to support use of the product or patches. Just support the serial process or take it down if you don't care about the software anymore so we can activate our VALID Keys! I have the same problem. Photoshop CS3. I created a chat to Adobe Support. I gave them the activation code found when you select the phone support option then they gave me the authorization code.

I tried it a few times and then finally, activation worked. Hello, are illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen on Windows 10? I got the activation code but every time I open Adobe it tells me the program has stopped working. Adobe Chat said CS3 is incompatible with W Over the net, Adobe accepted and activated it, illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen.

I haven't registered it yet, though, because it apparently won't connect to the server. I haven't had any problems other than Photoshop illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen after heavy use, illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen.

I just delete the preference file and it works fine again. Okay, but I noodled around looking for a hack for awhile, but they all seem pretty risky these days, illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen.

Torrents are a great way to get malware. So, like most of you, I am waiting for someone at Adobe to take notice and come up with a solution. With neither their CS3 registration servers or telephone numbers working there is at the moment no way to get the necessary authorization code to activate CS3.

As for a serial number generating an activation number, that doesn't require contact with Adobe. It's handled internally by the app. Adobe appears to be oblivious to our struggles. Perhaps they think we are all crooks—despite our legitimate, paid for serial numbers. I think maybe they are the crooks. I've managed to get this sorted without much hassle or at least far less than I expected!

I followed the link to support and started a chat - the guy on the other end asked me to do telephone activation but rather than calling the number which is no longer valid I gave him the activation number and he was able to provide me with the corresponding activation code which worked perfectly! Just go to this link and choose 'Chat' at the bottom.

You were lucky. None of the rest of us has been able to find a tech support person who will provide the Authorization Code. They just redirect us to these forums. So your solution is moot for us. However, I rooted out a solution with the help of Jeff Wright.

You can find our discussion at Cannot re -active CS3, Adobe does not help toward the end illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen the thread. I have CS3 and have ported it to several computers over the years. I was ready to really put the gloves on for this one, and I agree that the Adobe licensing scheme is abhorrent. I got the "Activation - Not Connected" illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen, and immediately started a chat with "Gustav" using the link matthewb provided above.

I gave Gustav my serial number, he went away for a few minutes, and when he came back I was able to successfully Activate. I need an activation number to re-open my adobe audition CS3. Please give me that number, illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen.

Thank you. Yes, same - we purchased new computers and unregistered and uninstalled and it illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen we have too many users. Yes, the system does work if you have a legit copy. I lost my hard drive and thought all was lost for good. I tried the phone numbers in my 10 year old tech support manual LOL I think the London city code had changed in the interim.

You can then click on, still need help to get to the chat box. So carry on with that and state your problem. I put my licence key in my initial chat box and stated that it was a hard drive crash and it was CS3 Design Premium. The agent came back and didn't even note that I had selected PS, so it must be a generic filtering thingy.


Resolve "temporary activation expired" error for CS3 and Acrobat 8


illustrator cs3 phone activation keygen


illustrator cs3 code phone Aug 07, · 1 hour and 45 minutes to activate Adobe Creative Suite CS 3. Online activation failed and the phone activation had to be used!May 07, · The code is , I have ma-a-a-a-a-ny more codes so subscribe to be on the hot side! Launch Photoshop CS3 first to license the installed Creative Suite 3 software titles. If you launch Acrobat 8 first, you receive a prompt to enter a serial number which is . May 07,  · The code is , I have ma-a-a-a-a-ny more codes so subscribe to be on the hot side! U don't have to tho' Catch ya! Rossey